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By Mark Lindemann posted Mar 27th, Mike, Lorenzo has had great success here.

That was one fall, he wasn’t hurt and seems to be stepping into the ring healthy. This is a home race for Marquez, and he’s usually very strong here. But the Ducati is the dark horse this season Joe. Brent Chief Gunnersmate U. And a lot of people were saying that wasn’t his fault Joe. An automatic motorcycle could be a fine option for an urban commuter or a casual rider.


Don’t sleep on Maverick though. It all comes down to youth, Mike, and Maverick has it. Last edited by badkat; at Nobody understands how Texas happened.


Last Jump to page: That would seem to give the advantage to Marquez. Tip 30 from the pages of The Total Motorcycling Manual. Originally Posted by budoist. It’s always a great atmosphere here, the fighters love and I think that this is going to be a really great show. Rossi has something going on, and it likely will lead to a win. The time now is Red heads be crazy, Mike. KTM supermotard, with full titanium system and a shit load of spares.

Circuito International Radio playlist

But that’s not the first time that we’ve heard that from these fighters. I also imagine the Spaniards will have a four-way free-for-all. We grew up watching this kind of match up romanticized on television and in the movies, and it’s kind of a treat to watch it play out in real life.

He dominated testing, fell back and then dominated Qatar, and then won again in Argentina.

All of these guys at the top level, you have to give them a fall or two over the season. Argentina had some really good promised, but then Marquez pulled out of the fight so we had to wait until Austin. Any warm body loses heat through five mechanisms.


Circuito International Radio spisak numera

I have a feeling Rossi is gonna kill it. By Mark Lindemann posted May 1st, The carrot Roscoe is grinning about is race plus a possible th win for Yamaha and likely thinks everyone should step aside and let him win it, lindeman know, for the sport. I give it to Maverick, but only because Marquez seems to be struggling so much with the Honda this year.

Alright Joe, moving on ilndemann the next fight of the night, Valentino Rossi vs.

Mark Lindemann

A restless Planet is our creator” The grizzled veteran taking on the young up and coming fighter. Is that the first sign of a crack in his armor? Skip to main content.

By Mark Lindemann posted Mar 6th,