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But I also laughed and the end? I want to read her point of view.

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Neither Styxx nor Acheron deserved what happened to them, and they will always be brothers – in idiocy, in cruelty, in suffering, in hating each other, in loving each other, in thinking wrongly and so on.

A past arc and a present arc. Ash got Ryssa and the gods protection. Her isolation struck him hard as the memory of his own slammed into him and reawakened a horror he did his best every waking minute to forever bury.

Just be prepared for hard-core abuse. But, when Acheron is taken to Atlantis, he is shown a whole different level of pain and misery – and he was completely and utterly broken. Sherrioyn I am so much angrier at Ash for it. Travis Fimmel deserved better.

After all the horror of his childhood, Styxx finds a woman whom he loves dearly, and though she protests at first, and holds her own secrets from him, eventually consents to marry him. But it was never a task she relished. View all 6 comments.


I thought that this stupid bitch Ryssa was actually a really nice person who was thinking only the best in people. You think you know your characters and then “BOOM”, the skies open, the fires roar and suddenly you’re in a new world. It took nearly goddess-knows how many pages before he could forgive his brother when it could have happened sooner, considering that Styxx could read his thoughts and feel whatever was happening to him.

I enjoyed her snarky side. Why couldn’t Ryssa love both brothers?

She was sentenced to death, but was reborn to Egyptian god Set as Bethany. Not known for their communications skills. I would have liked more happy times. Preview — Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon. But to Styxx, she was like poison.

Styxx (Dark-Hunter, #22) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

The books after Ash’s book are cazadorres lot of the dream hunters and dark hunters that we haven’t really been familiar with before. While she showed really carrying side for Acheron, she was really and utterly horrible and she constantly judged Styxx. That’s how tough it is. There is no end to this man’s suffering.

Fans Sherrilyn Kenyon Spain

So many things are revealed, and change, in this book. Here’s where it gets tricky.

Styxx was anything but spoiled, pscuros he made Acheron’s pain seem like child’s play. Yet sometimes the road to redemption is one that singes us to our very core. I might always be around, but I only shine in your presence. I think I will settle to 5 stars. I’m a little bit angry to Ash because he’s the one who’s holding grudges to Oscuos. How, in the name of Nicolas Cage, did this get published?


And that is not counting the torture by the monks with the hot pokers, the constant pain he feels from every injury committed against Acheron, or the attempts on his life by every single member of his family.

Even though, we didn’t get near enough time with Bethany and Styxx; there will never be a romance that could ever top these two in my eyes. He is still my ultimate favorite. The things this guy does. I had a hard time on Whether to give it a cazadors or 5 stars I went with 5 because I was so happy that he got his family in the end Except that then, of course, he loses it.

Too many books in this series spoiled me enough.