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One signed voardman is a superb, now fragmentary dinos from the Acro- p. Both or these have Leagran connections and the Edinburgh Painter decorated examples of the latter [].

He devoted as much care to assigning and collecting the work of poor or hack artists as to that of the masters. Bocotia and East Greece for whole figures and major elements of decoration One of the first uses in Athens is on blaco Nikosthenic amphora was this anoihei of his innovations?

Miniatures Miniature versions of major vase shapes were used for dedication in temples md tombs or for toys. Important innovations are introduced by the Edinburgh Painter aboutbut these are best considered in the next chapter and there are few artists or classes still sixth-century in date or manner which deserve mention.

The cups with komasts are our first Athenian class which are at all comparable with the repetitive production of many Corinthian workshops, and they are well distributed in the Greek world. The painters on occasion add a small animal frieze to their neck amphorae, like the prcdellas on hydriae.

I I is vases, like his figures, are big: A line meander over the panels is a distinctive feature, and the figure compositions are equally frugal, but delicately painted, with a penchant for genre scenes other than myth, including oddities like fishermen or men carrying pots []. There had been earlier Attic cups which lacked the offset lip, such as the more nearly hemispherical merrythought cups [37].

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Achilles prepares to drag Hector’s body round Troy Hydria of the l. The main shoulder frieze around the whole vase [ He also worked in black figure, sometimes on the mi. Herakles at the Tree o f the Hesperides. The belly amphora, with a continuous profile from lip to foot, is repre sented in a few massive examples of the late seventh century [ 5 ] and remains. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording or any other information storage and retrieval system, without prior permission in writing from the publisher.

The figure decoration is on the plain lip, usually only one to three figures at the centre on each side, which means that it is rare 10 find a whole myth scene in this position, but the lip is often left empty.

The relationship with the Heidelberg Painter has been noted, and this indicates that Amasis was painting by about bc.

Miniature Panathcnaic vases were made in the early fourth century, presumably as souvenir vases, and naturally decorated in the old technique, like their models.

Yet another type of cup with vertical handles the kantharos also becomes popular. Athwnian Marathon Painter has a sense of colour and pattern, introducing pattern bands on some vase necks and lower walls, and varying the areas blacm the vase to be covered by white ground, but the earlier vases, as those from Marathon, were mainly clay ground.

From the beginning scholarly and dilettante interest in the vases was directed to the mythological content of the figure vass upon them. The relief line of thick black paint standing up boldly from the vase surface had been used since the mid century in black figure to separate tongues in decorative friezes and for spears or sceptres. The historical importance of this work cannot be argued in detail athenan, but will receive passing mention where the principles of chronology are discussed. Cup painters There is another large class of bilingual vases which need not be studied closely here.


Atnenian painted small, slim lekythoi, with the double reserved line in the lower black area [ 27? The same artists produced other examples, but no other Little Master. Siana cups are decorated in one of two ways: They are produced about and later but Amasis made a skyphos of roughly this shape, with vertical handles.

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Cassel cups, have a rather flat, band cup shape and are generally small ]. The status ot the artists we can barely judge. I ho lekythos painters IIk Edinburgh Painter is the athenina important painter of the large cylinder 1 I vi hoi 1 ].

Amasis pots and decorates a wide range of shapes but not hydriae or ciaters. These are all subjects to which there will be occasion to n nu n at various stages in the narrative. On our cups they are sometimes provided with eyebrows, rarely noses, and the full facial effect is ,ot by tilting the vase so that the handles look like ears and the underfoot a mouth: Homer and the Heroic Age. Pclikai are decorated like belly amphorae but are generally smaller, with rolled lips and a sagging profile 1 1.

Bowls I he lekane, a heavy dish with ribbon handles 1 19, 29], is an early black figure shape which survives to the period of Lydos. He was fascinated by armour and especially by shield blazons [ 7] which he makes much of especially animal forepartsincising rather than merely painting them white. Board,an this vase see also p.

BOARDMAN JOHN Athenian Black Figure Vases.pdf [ 1997] Αντιγραφή

Find it on Scholar. There arc mastoid cups [], with or without handles; a variety of footed cups, usually with a single figure tondo, and cup sky- phoi 1 ].

The Greeks in Ionia and the East.