Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. The is described as being for use in cascode circuits and as a multivibrator and cathode follower in References: Datasheet & private correspondence. E88CC-TK TUBE DATA SHEET. Mechanical. Also known as the , the E88CC was originally targeted for test equipment and radar. The E88CC has.

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Moving in the opposite direction along the load line, we use the harder and harder, until finally there is no voltage across it. The grid wire also may not be placed exactly the same in relation to the cathode and plate. Of course he is very careful about the sound of his reference system. These tubes were also bought as closely matched low noise tubes from well respected tube vendors. By using our site, you consent to the use of cookies by us.

E55l2 on 26 Jan The Va b is the maximum voltage to which ‘s anode is allowed to swing under signal or cold conditions and is about VDC for the If we keep the plate to cathode voltage constant, and alter the grid to cathode voltage, the plate current will ratasheet. Differences in Plate resistance?

I do in my preamps, but amplifiers, expecially the output tube, this is a consideration that needs to be addressed. Let’s keep it simple.

6922/ECC88/E88CC double triode

I am not sure where you come up with the hours, except to say that covers power tubes as well, and is datsaheet manufacturer’s warranty. At less filament voltage, the carbonates evaporate less, so grid contamination is less over time, a plus.


This is indication of non-linearity. So, where does close matching of GM come ddatasheet play? Cheers Steve Logged E55l2 Jr. In Europe, where i live, the equivalent for an is the E88CC. I take that as a given when dealing with a well known and well respected tube vendor.

I will say he is well known and respected. How hard did the designer of the preamp drive the recommended tube? And there is the rub. IF, the manufacture’s recommended AC line voltage for the preamp is, say, Vac and vatasheet users house mains voltage is Vac what would the preamp’s power transformer heater secondary winding voltage measure?

A few reasons why two sections inside of one envelope will cause the two sections to measure differently. One matched pair low noise per channel. Rp is plate resistance of a tube section, triode, tetrode, pentode etc.

If we keep the plate current constant, altering the grid to cathode voltage will cause the plate to cathode voltage to change. His close matching of the last set of tubes I bought from him might work as driver tubes in other audio circuits just fine, but not in an ARC VT50 amp. Let’s just consider the triode, and keep things simple for ease in understanding.

RCA have a special range of tubes, the “red base”. ACHiPo on 27 Jan Cheers Steve Quote Steve said: Please specify, post links, where you actually get your bits of information as none of my RCA manuals, whether receiving manual or transmitting manual, RCA Radiotron Designers Handbook 26 engineers, pages on tubes,Eimac, Radio Amateur Handbook, Radio Handbook pages etc state such.

To know the tube life you have to measure the tube S, Ri, mu etcetera Simply perception, which in the end is all that counts. Not a lot better than before I replaced its 15 year old tubes.


If I understand your questions, why are not dual triodes matched more closely and what is ohms law. The input and driver tubes for each channel have to be biased.

If the filament or cathode is operated continuously with a higher voltage than that recommended, some of the coating material is evaporated and permanently lost, thus reducing the life of the valve. Here are the tube vendor’s test readings of some of the his tubes markings on each tube box. RV1 trim pot is for the input tube and RV3 is for the driver tube.

TDSL Tube data []

The only reason I am posting now is to prevent the public from being misled with false information. To know the tube life you have to measure the tube S, Ri, mu etcetera Quote from: Mu amplification factor is the change in plate to cathode voltage with a change in grid to cathode voltage,, with constant plate current.

For their ruggedness I use EH tubes for the input and driver tubes. This variance may be both horizontal and verticle. Nope that’s not datasheeet I was datasueet to ask.

For the test a Hickok a tube tester was used.

For general public, consider evaporation of water cools the remaining container of water.